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Our Products
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Nutritious Foods
Quality Kibble is our job. We only carry high quality, family owned dog foods with good recall records and responsible sourcing. It can be hard to know what to feed your dog for them to be happy and healthy for many years to come. We have years of experience with pet nutrition consulting and can help you find the right food for your four legged family members.

Raw food
We also carry Wyoming’s largest selection of frozen and freeze dried raw dog food. These are nutritionally balanced, HPP (high pressure pasteurized) treated, highly digestible foods that are a great option for many dogs.

We take your pets health seriously, and have the knowledge to help you pick the right supplements to assist that. We stock a huge variety Fish oils and omegas, stress/calming chews, joint supplements, quality CBD oils and treats, probiotics and gut health supplements, and much more
Locally Sourced Gourmet Treats

Gourmet treats - including pre-mix birthday cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Now your pet can be part of every family holiday and celebration without their health being compromised by foods that interfere with their digestion.

Quality Toys - leashes,-
Collars -N- other Accessories

Toys and treats are one of the primary needs of our dogs, we carry a huge variety for whatever kind of play your dog prefers or whatever their chewing capabilities. We have a huge variety of thinking toys, durable chew toys, training treats, frozen yogurts, raw bones, food toppers, biscuits, cookies and more!

Self-Bathing and Supplies
Services include:
Self-bathing facilities and products
Enclosed, private pet spa bathing areas which include products, fresh towels and dryers.

Ear Cleaning
Pet Nail trims  - NO Appointment Necessary!
Analgland Expression

Tail Waggers & Wash offers the finest quality grooming brands for home-care bathing and grooming.

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