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Our Story
Tail Waggers & Wash was founded in October 0f 2017 because we believed Cheyenne was in need of a locally family owned pet store to help our furry friends with better nutrition choices, treats, toys, supplies, supplements  and a friendly place to wash and groom their pets.

The professional staff at Tail Waggers & Wash understands that our customers want to be preventive with their pet’s health care. They have concerns, and are seeking information and education. Our customers do not want to be “sold” but listened to.

This is why at Tail Waggers & Wash we adhere to the principle of customer care - not just customer service.

We specialize in middle to high end holistic brands that customers can’t find in other feed stores or big box stores.

We also offer the finest selection of food, toys and supplements for cats too!

Tail Waggers & Wash offers the largest “Spaw” self-bathe tubs in Cheyenne complete with tempered water, shampoo, conditioner, towels and blow dryers. You make the mess and we clean the tub for you!
We also offer “Pedicures” (nail trimming) for your dog or cat.

The staff at Tail Waggers & Wash love supporting our friends in the Cheyenne and neighboring communities to learn how to care for their pets so they can lead long and healthy lives.
Our goal is to provide the best customer care experience for our 4 legged friends and their pet parents.

Bring your pets in to say hello and see what we are able to do to keep your pet healthy, happy and looking their best.      

Meet Clarissa
Clarissa is a mother of two boys and six furry dogs. She was a military brat that found her way to Southeast Wyoming. Always having a passion for dogs, she stumbled into the pet industry. She has spent seven years learning everything she can about how to make pets happier and healthier. With the assistance of her 6 dogs she explores different products to help give them the longest and healthiest lives she can. The product knowledge Clarissa offers has provided many pet owners with advice to better their pets’ lives. She uses the experience she has gained over the years to help guide people on how they can best provide for their furry friends.

Meet Dave

My name is David Keetley and I am one of the founders of Tail Waggers & Wash, our resident nutrition nerd and professional dog hugger.

I have been a passionate animal lover my entire life and always wanted to work with animals in some capacity since I was a child.
When I was 16 I discovered lifting weights and developed a new passion for health, fitness and how the body works. I started competing in the sport of Strongman in 2017 and have done over 25 competitions in that time, including winning Wyoming's strongest man both 2018 and 2019.
I worked in training, nutrition and supplementation between 2012 and 2017 before starting Tail Waggers. I view my job as the perfect mix of my two passions, dogs and nutrition.

My favorite part of the job is helping dogs live the best life they are capable of, and I believe good  nutrition is an integral part of that equation.
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