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You will always get the latest cat fashion at Tail Waggers and Wash in Cheyenne, WY Treating your cat or kitten has never been easier or more cost effective. Tail Waggers and Wash has the right fashion add-on for every event. No matter if you take your cat with you when you visit the park or you let them lounge around at home, they should consistently be given the chance to always look as cute and cuddly as possible. Bow ties and neckties are a terrific way to make a STment if you are suiting up your cat for a family gathering or holiday get-together. The same applies to for bandanas and bows. Bandanas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so you can go for the perfect one for your pet. All of the neckwear and bows come in an assortment of solid colors and patterns so you can decide from several for just the right look. With an array of patterns and colors, your cat will have something to wear for every season and each holiday! Tail Waggers and Wash in Cheyenne, WY, also sells numerous sizes and styles of shirts and jackets for your cat friends. You can select from T-shirt style shirts to dress shirts in a variety of colors. One of the best features of all of our shirts and other clothing accessories is that they are simple to keep clean. Most are machine washable and very convenient to maintain so your cat can wear them again and again. With several cost effective options to pick from, you can create a full wardrobe for your cat! Shirts, bows, ties, and bandanas, in addition to many of the other cat clothing and accessories offered by Tail Waggers and Wash, are designed for both comfort and versatility. Your cat wants to be active and you don't want clothing to constrict their movement or make it tough for them to use the litter box. The clothing provided by Tail Waggers and Wash comes from some of the most prominent manufacturers that are well-known for their top-notch products. If you are looking for cat clothing and accessories, Tail Waggers and Wash takes great honor in having the ability to offer you a large selection to choose from. No matter what your style, there is something for everyone. Choose a pattern or color and then accessorize with a collar and leash to match! The options are endless! Tail Waggers and Wash also has an assortment of sizes to choose from ranging from kitten to adult!


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